Do you believe that people should have the right to choose what they do and don't want to see on the internet?

Do you know that right now children surf the internet with no parental guidance?

Do you want to let your children use the internet but don't want them exposed to the undesirable elements in society?

That is why project Innocence has been set in action. To allow people to have the free right to select the standards by which they view the internet.

Project Goal

To develop and promote a rating system for websites, and produce a browser interface program which allows people to choose what segments of the internet they or their children wish to be exposed to.

How you can Help

The success of this project depends heavily on the support of the people who agree with what we are trying to achieve. If you believe that people should have the right to restrict what they are exposed to on the internet with out having to pay for it then please donate to this cause by following this link:

Please Donate to Project Innocence here.

Job Situations:

At present we are looking for someone/s to build the browser interface and assist in project systems development. Staff are expected to donate their time to this project without the expectation of finacial gain. However it is hoped that as the project develops their maybe some donations made towards our efforts and the overheads it will incur as it progresses. To contact the Project Co-ordinator please use the form provided here at


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